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Almost Pretty, But Can She Curtsy: Kelli Dunham Comedy June 7th in Philly 
04:39pm 02/06/2008

Since you last saw Kelli Dunham, everyone’s favorite ex-nun nerd genderqueer comic, she:

 -Appeared on the Discovery Channel while kissing a straight dude (okay c’mon now, not on the lips!)
-Learned how to curtsy
-Accidentally gave a lapdance to a tourist from Sweden (New York subways ARE crowded)
-Appeared in the pages of Curve Magazine
-Recorded her second live comedy show from the historic Stonewall Inn to a sold out crowd.

Now she’s coming back to Philly…
Saturday, June 7th,  (pride eve) at 8 PM at everyone’s favorite fair trade, accessible, all ages venue, JOE COFFEE, 1100 Walnut Street in Philly. It’s just a mere 8 bucks to get in and the time was chosen specifically so folks could get to the dyke march and grab dinner beforehand if that’s what pleases you. 

This show is the first stop on Kelli’s Almost Pretty (Almost) Fifty States Tour and will  be Kelli’s only full length show in Philly this year!

[Off Subject] 
09:39pm 13/01/2008
  Sorry if this is not allowed. I know this is off subject, hence the warning. ^_^

If you like yaoi, seme, and uke related items, check out these tshirt designs. There are shirts for guys, shirts for girls, and available in all sizes.
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Thank You
Psst, please pass this info along... 
09:49pm 14/12/2006
Now open for support, </a></b></a>queercancercare, a livejournal community for queer caregivers of folks with cancer.

You might be a queer caregiver of a person with cancer if...

You've had to explain to emergency room personnel that no, you're not sisters, but yes you are family.
You've been tempted to write a love song for Zofran.
You've overheard your parents tell their neighbors "oh she's just a little upset because her room-mate has cancer."
You're afraid that if one more person asks "what are you doing to take care of YOURSELF" you might commit an act of violence.
You've been ever been mistaken for "the one with cancer" because people think your extremely short haircut looks like you are post-chemo.
You've screamed "of course he's on a lot of narcotics. He has cancer!"

This community is for all queer caregivers of folks with cancer...whether that person is your spouse, partner, mistress, best friend, shortstop on your softball team, parent, child, however you define family. Also very open to straightfolks or allies who helping to provide care for queer family/friend with cancer.

The idea is to share strength, support, ideas, resources and a listening ear.

The full url is http://community.livejournal.com/queercancercare/
Anime on the Big Screen 
07:21pm 13/08/2006
  My anime club Delaware Anime Fans (DAF)/deanimefans is looking to bring Anime and Asian Cinema to our local movie theaters. To help us out, could you please take a survey at http://www.DelawareAnimeFans.com/animeonthebigscreen.html

Thank You

Special DAF Go League meeting with Guest Speaker 
04:14pm 25/06/2006
  For anyone who's been interested in taking up the game of Go, there’s no time like now to do it! The Delaware Anime Fans (DAF) Go League (daf_go_league) will be hosting an informal Go seminar at the July 15th Hockessin Library meeting with special guest Dr. Peter Nassar, founder of the Penn Go Club and Vice President of the Philadelphia Baduk Association. Dr. Nassar will be going over various fundamentals of the game as well as using workbooks and an oversized hanging Go board to look at and review Go problems. Don't hesitate to drop by and check this out, you're sure to come away from it w/ a better understanding of one of Asia's most popular board games. Expect to play some games too. Hope to see you there.

Date: July 15, 2006
Time: 12:00 - 4:45pm
Location: Hockessin Library
1023 Valley Rd
Hockessin DE 19707

((We'll have a regular Go meeting before then on July 8th at the Newark Library, same time.))
Way Too Much Self Esteem: Kelli Dunham's Farewell to Philly Show 
11:11am 02/06/2006
You’ve seen her on the stage at Outfest, at Gayety and on Showtime.

You’ve heard her CD, “I am NOT a 12 Year Old Boy” on your room-mate’s stereo, XPN’s Amazon Country and Sirius Satellite Radio.

She’s been living on a houseboat on the Delaware through many a Philly winter.

She’s leaving us for the West Coast, but you can come see her at the…

Don’t Cry,Just Say Goodbye: The Kelli Dunham Farewell Show

Saturday, June 3rd @ 8 PM
Joe Coffee 1100 Walnut Street
8 buck cover

With hostess Bevin Bermingham, special guest Dale Sorenson and lots of cool-ass door prizes.

PS Since Kelli moved to Philly after being kicked out of the convent for having too much self esteem, she's running a special promotion.  Come to the event, show her a list of 15 things you like about yourself and she'll sell you a copy of her award winning CD for just ONE DOLLAR
Who is that dorky dyke comic and why is she leaving the Mid Atlantic region? 
01:08pm 18/05/2006

You’ve seen her on the stage at Outfest, at Gayety and on Showtime


You’ve heard her CD, “I am NOT a 12 Year Old Boy: on your room-mate’s stereo, XPN’s Amazon Country and Sirius Satellite Radio


She’s been living on a houseboat on the Delaware through many a Philly winter.


She’s leaving us for San Francisco, but you can come see her at the…



Don’t Cry, Just Say Goodbye: The Farewell to Kelli Dunham Show

Saturday, June 3rd at Joe Coffee, 1100 Walnut Street. Center City Philly 8 PM.

All ages, wheelchair accessible, smoke free.


Hosted by Bevin Bermingham and with special guest Dale Sorenson, plus a few surprises!


Cover is 8 bucks. Tickets at the door only. 

Comments? Questions? Want some grossy inappropriate advice about coming out to your parents? Send Kelli an email.


05:21am 16/05/2006
  Seeking anyone interested in playing Go (board game)Collapse )  
They're HERE! 
01:06pm 09/03/2006
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The Vagina Monologues
THiS WEEKEND March 9th, 10th, & 11th @ Mitchell Hall
Doors open @ 7:15; Foreplay @ 7:30; Show @ 8:00
TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW at both UD Box Offices
Students: $7 in advance; $10 @ the Door
Public: $12 in advance; $15 @ the Door
Brought to you by
V-Day @ UD

12:04pm 09/02/2006

E-52 Student Theatre presents
The Rock Musical Experience:

Hedwig and the Angry Inch!!

February 11th and 12th, 8 p.m.
Bacchus Theatre (Perkins Student Center, Academy St., Newark)
All Tickets $5

Hedwig T-shirts and buttons will be available for purchase!

Get Hed, and Wig Out!
Delaware Anime Fans (DAF) Meeting Updates 
12:33pm 05/01/2006
  Delaware Anime Fans (DAF) Meeting UpdatesCollapse )

xposted in deanimefans and other places. Mods, feel free to remove the post if this is not allowed. Sorry and thank you.
in need of a friend... or two 
04:13am 30/12/2005
So, my gf and I are looking for some friends.  We currently live in Newark and we are broke so we never get a chance to go out and meet people.  Reply if you are interested.
07:54pm 27/11/2005
  What are some good meeting spots in Delaware?Collapse )  
Just a short trip to Philly..... 
10:16pm 15/10/2005
  Can you believe it? It's already time for another GAYETY....Philly's Premiere Experimental Queer Comedy Event

Saturday, October 29th @ 8 PM
Joe Coffee, 1100 Walnut Street, Center City Philly. Still only five bucks cover!


Bevin Bermingham (the hottest...and funniest lawyer you know)
Sarah Watson, Snail Sexpert
Kelli Dunham, the typical skateboard-riding, houseboat dwelling, too-many-book-reading ex nun dyke comic

And straight (heheh) from New York's Underground Comedy Festival...special guest Dale Sorenson...everyone's favorite fabulous computer supa-fag consultant...who, by the way, does not use cream cheese as hair gel. (Just trying to clear up those pesky rumors)

We'll have stand up/spoken word/ general mayhem. And as always, trivia and fabulous prizes, proctored by Robin the Trivia Goddess.

And maybe bobbing for apples. If we can figure out a sanitary way to do it.

Remember, its Gayety: comedy just like your mom used to make. If your mom was really really gay. Need more info? Check out http://www.kellidunham.com/, email kellidunham@aol.com or call 215.964.1963.

Coming soon...Nerdapalooza....from some of the folks who brought you Gayety!
07:12pm 14/10/2005
  read more details here...for those of you within the Wilmington, DE area...Collapse )  
02:15pm 13/10/2005
  So I'm foolin around with this journal right now...trying to make things different. sorry for not being around for so long. my apologies.

Ladies Night is tonight!! 
07:35pm 07/10/2005

DJ Toby spinnin from 10 pm- 1am

*psst guys you can come out too*

dance- hip hop- old skool- people's choice*have a fav bring it in*

ALL LADIES WELCOME!! *femmes, butches, boiz, tgalz, ladies, daddies, how ever you identify. plus we're not that far away.*

so come on out...every friday!

814 Shipley str.
wilm, de 19801

come on out and see what's going on!!!

03:38pm 15/09/2005
  Anyone going to Oktoberfest this weekend???  
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This Weekend 
05:10pm 16/08/2005
  Is anything going on this weekend? I need to do something and blow off some of this energy before classes start on Monday. Oh and I guess I should intro myself. I'm Andrea (Andi, Annie) 26, living in Delaware City. I've been in DE for a year and the only people I know are my gf of 3 years and her best friend. I know, I know I'm pathetic. Oh and I start classes at Del Tech on Monday, trying to become a nurse. I think I'm hitting my mid-life crisis early.  
drag show this sunday!!!! 
04:14pm 28/07/2005
  An ALL BUTCH SHOW TIHS SUNDAY JULY 31st @ 10pm SHARP!! more details here!!Collapse )