kellidunham (kellidunham) wrote in queers_of_de,

Just a short trip to Philly.....

Can you believe it? It's already time for another GAYETY....Philly's Premiere Experimental Queer Comedy Event

Saturday, October 29th @ 8 PM
Joe Coffee, 1100 Walnut Street, Center City Philly. Still only five bucks cover!


Bevin Bermingham (the hottest...and funniest lawyer you know)
Sarah Watson, Snail Sexpert
Kelli Dunham, the typical skateboard-riding, houseboat dwelling, too-many-book-reading ex nun dyke comic

And straight (heheh) from New York's Underground Comedy Festival...special guest Dale Sorenson...everyone's favorite fabulous computer supa-fag consultant...who, by the way, does not use cream cheese as hair gel. (Just trying to clear up those pesky rumors)

We'll have stand up/spoken word/ general mayhem. And as always, trivia and fabulous prizes, proctored by Robin the Trivia Goddess.

And maybe bobbing for apples. If we can figure out a sanitary way to do it.

Remember, its Gayety: comedy just like your mom used to make. If your mom was really really gay. Need more info? Check out, email or call 215.964.1963.

Coming soon...Nerdapalooza....from some of the folks who brought you Gayety!
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