Moonlight Destiny (darkqueenakasha) wrote in queers_of_de,
Moonlight Destiny

Hello everyone. I'm club president of an anime club called Delaware Anime Fans (DAF). Recently, the place where we hold our bi monthly meetings, The Rogue's Den is closing down. Therefore, the club doesn't have a place to hold it's meetings. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on locations? I'd like a place, preferably free of charge, that will allow us a private room from 12 to 8pm on Saturdays. Having their own audio visual equipment would be a plus as well as being DART bus friendly. We're also going to avoid any club mergers.

I've done some footwork and so far and found some places but they won't work. I'm listing them in hopes that it will give you ideas.
-Libraries (Hockessin, Newark, Claymont, Wilmington) commonly have the hours of 10 to 5 on Saturday. Most don't get off of work until 5 and I don't like the hours.

-Hotels (Courtyard, Best Western, Holiday Inn) are way too expensive. I've gotten prices of $175 per meeting to $300. The same applies to the Crystal Ball Room in Claymont.

-Comic Book Shops (Comicmania, Captain Blue Hen Comics, The Comic Book Shop, Days of Knights) don't have the space. DoK does but the back room is small and they can only do it on Thursdays.

-Churches: Generally a bad idea due to the content we show.

-Rec Centers (YMCA, LACC, Boys and Girls Club). Most of the ones I've seen are in center city Wilmington where there is limited and meter parking.

Any ideas? The name of the establishment and location would be helpful in case I'd like to make calls. Thanks for the help.
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