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Delaware Anime Fans (DAF) Meeting Updates

DAF is back up and running. Here's the meeting updates. Everyone's invited

1/14/06 - Hockessin Library - 12noon - 4:45pm
Fruits Basket Marathon and Anime Auction

As of now, the anime auctions items are:
Noir playing cards
El Hazard playing cards
Sin the movie (dvd)
Initial D: Sega original tracks (cd)
Alien Nine (dvd)
Lupin the 3rd vol 1 (manga)
FLCL vol 1 and 2 (manga)
China Cry (Live Action dvd)
Arcadia of my Youth (dvd)
Gunslinger Girl vol 1 (dvd)
The Monkey King (book) 18+
Weibs Cruiz 1 - An Assassin and White Shaman (books) (yoai)
Weibs Cruiz 2 - An Assassin and White Shaman (books) (yoai)
Underworld (dvd)
La Blue Girl 2 (vhs) 18+
Gundam Wing Tarot Cards
The Clow Cards

If you have more stuff, feel free to give it to us at the meeting. Proceeds help us buy stuff like Ramune which we hope get by next meeting (since the Neark Library allows snacks). All the money goes back into the club as always. We hope to raise enough money so that in time we can buy a projector. That way we'd be able to do viewings on the big screen.


1/21/06 - Newark Library - 12noon - 4:45pm
Anime Music Videos and movie trip afterwards to see Underworld 2


2/18/06 and 3/18/06 - Newark Library - 12noon to 4:45pm
Tenjho Tenge and Otogi Zoshi. More titles will be added in time


As always arrive early for the gaming. Gaming will last from 12 to 1. Maybe extended depending of how many things we are showing.

Check out the DAF Playlist for viewing summaries, future marathon titles, and more

~Latasha James
Club President/Founder of Delaware Anime Fans (DAF)

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