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Way Too Much Self Esteem: Kelli Dunham's Farewell to Philly Show

You’ve seen her on the stage at Outfest, at Gayety and on Showtime.

You’ve heard her CD, “I am NOT a 12 Year Old Boy” on your room-mate’s stereo, XPN’s Amazon Country and Sirius Satellite Radio.

She’s been living on a houseboat on the Delaware through many a Philly winter.

She’s leaving us for the West Coast, but you can come see her at the…

Don’t Cry,Just Say Goodbye: The Kelli Dunham Farewell Show

Saturday, June 3rd @ 8 PM
Joe Coffee 1100 Walnut Street
8 buck cover

With hostess Bevin Bermingham, special guest Dale Sorenson and lots of cool-ass door prizes.

PS Since Kelli moved to Philly after being kicked out of the convent for having too much self esteem, she's running a special promotion.  Come to the event, show her a list of 15 things you like about yourself and she'll sell you a copy of her award winning CD for just ONE DOLLAR
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